Ten Dark Economic Secrets of 1916 – Paddy Cullivan

Cleere's Theatre Bar

Paddy Cullivan of Callan’s Kicks, The Late Late Show, Leviathan and Kilkenomics brings you an audiovisual spectacular on the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising. Using satire, imagery, historical insight and song – Paddy reveals the 10 strangest financial secrets that happened during our Rising, Revolution and Counter-Revolution (Civil War). He also draws parallels with those events’ effects on modern Ireland…
Why did Michael Collins demand a billion pounds in reparations at the first Anglo-Irish Treaty meeting? Why were Free State Army Commandants paid the equivalent of €100,000 a year when the same rank today gets two-thirds of that? And what happened to the millions of dollars raised in America by DeValera? How come we ended up owing Britain ‘annuities’ for years? Why was austerity the choice of our first Government, and how did that work out? And how well did we fare realising the economic ambitions contained within the 1916 Proclamation?