“Fortunately the market for something to believe in is infinite.”

Some call it Corporate Finance, the Americans call it Investment Banking, we call it getting the best deal for our clients.

We advise entrepreneurs on how to maximise and realise the value of the equity in their business. How? Well we like to think differently, when you find yourself following conventional wisdom it’s time to think twice. You can win big by seeing things others daren’t. We know that a deal is a game of incomplete information, it’s not chess it’s poker. We never make assumptions, it’s better to find out than suppose. We believe that success in almost all pursuits involves a deep understanding of people, often in terms of competition and co-operation. We believe opportunity lies in the future not in the past. We believe strategy and tactics are paramount, we don’t like process and embrace serendipity. We’re students of negotiation, but won’t reveal too much here, you want us on your side. We believe in incentives, everyone here is remunerated according to performance. We don’t get what you want? We don’t get paid. We create our own luck, the good player gets lucky more often than the bad player.


    Bass Warehouse, 4 Castle Street, Manchester, M3 4LZ


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