Naoise Nunn

Naoise Nunn is programme director of Kilkenomics. He was also artistic director of the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival for four years. He established the Leviathan political cabaret, mainly hosted by David McWilliams and the MindField spoken word arena at Electric Picnic which has now been running for ten years. Naoise has worked on a number of political campaigns and co-authored a book with Public Accounts Committee Chairman, John McGuinness. He has a degree in politics from Queen’s University Belfast.


Social Capital and Public Life: Why We Cannot Prosper With Broken Communities  SOLD OUT

Cleere's Theatre Bar

Although the idea has been around for as long as humans, the concept of social capital has re-emerged in recent years as an antidote to the insatiable appetite for growth and wealth that has driven an unprecedented rise in global inequality. Social capital is all about achieving public good through communities, networks and cooperation – […]


The Divided Brain

Watergate Theatre

In his book The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World, Iain McGilchrist presents a groundbreaking exploration of the differences between the brain’s left and right hemispheres, and how those differences have affected society, history, and culture. We’ve all hear the folk wisdom notions about left and right […]

€20/€18 (Regular/Concession)

Why Is Ireland So Bloody Expensive?  SOLD OUT

The Set Theatre

Did you know that a pint of milk is 38% more expensive in Ireland than in Germany? Monthly Internet access in Ireland is 78% more expensive than in Germany, yet our wages are about the same. How can this be? A box of 32 tampons costs €4.64 here and €3.20 in Dusseldorf. You get the gist, why […]