Welcome to the fourth edition of Kilkenomics - Europe's first economics festival - which brings together some of the world's leading economists, financial analysts and media commentators with some of our funniest, sharpest standup comedians. We've been called "Davos with jokes" and we wouldn't disagree with that assessment.

The standups put the economists under the spotlight to talk through crucial issues such as the prospects for the Irish economy in 2014, what happens after the Troika leaves, what's happening with the global economy and whether Ireland is experiencing another property bubble. There's more intriguing talks too on issues like the economics of sport, behavioural economics with one of the world's leading experts, Dan Ariely; and also the economics of the Game of Thrones TV series. Our informal, entertaining formats invite our audiences to engage and enjoy. As we like to say: it's serious, but it's fun too!

We're now six weary years into the global financial and economic crisis and there are tentative signs of recovery, putative green shoots and even modest growth in places. There is of course difference of opinion as to whether these are real or illusory and some warn that we could face a double dip recession and sluggish growth for a decade or more to come.

We're moving into a new phase now, having taken stock and calmly and carefully examined the solutions. Jump into Kilkenomics now and engage with as many shows as possible, equip yourself with the information and insight we hope can help us all make smart choices for our futures, inform and entertain yourselves.

Here’s a taste what the press has had to say about Kilkenomics:

  • The Australian - “Davos with jokes”
  • UK Sunday Times - “one of the oddest festivals anywhere, comedy with a pint and a point”
  • San Francisco Chronicle - “an utterly bizzare idea but the public love it”
  • BBC - “having a laugh despite the gloom”; “comedians give permission to the audience to feel comfortable”
  • The Irish Times - "A little jewel where players manage to talk human without being patronising”
  • BBC World Service - “having a laugh despite the gloom”
  • Bloomberg - “Lenny Bruce meets John Maynard Keynes”
  • The Guardian - “wildly successful”
  • The Sunday Tribune - “laugh, I nearly defaulted!”


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